The Dawn Hoodie by Rhythm | Winter Box Highlights

Dawn Hoodie by Rhythm Beachly Winter Box

Aloha, sunshine lover. Rumor has it, this season the Beachly Tribe is loving The Dawn Hoodie by Rhythm! It's an ultra-cozy piece that is perfect for so many Winter activities. It has the perfect lived-in feel and the cutest emblems on the front and back to show off your coastal side. We wanted to take a minute and tell you our favorite spots to wear this hoodie and some styling tips.

Are you ready to love this hoodie even more than you already do? Stick around, we've got you covered! Let's dive right into this adored hoodie.

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Meet Rhythm, the coastal brand that's been riding the waves of alternative surfing culture since 2003. Born as an alternative label designed by surfers, Rhythm draws inspiration from the Australian coast—capturing the rhythm of the waves, using quality materials, elegant design, and a commitment to sustainability. It's a brand that brings together a diverse community of surfers, musicians, travelers, and artists, embodying the unique coastal heritage of Australia.

Rhythm Beachly

Fast forward to today, Rhythm has evolved into a premium lifestyle brand, with over 500 retail locations worldwide, and a flagship store in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. The brand's design ethos remains deeply grounded in the sea, collaborating with local artists and championing sustainable practices. Rhythm is not just a brand; it's a community—a community unafraid to wander off the well-worn path, embracing the rhythm of the coast.

We're stoked to feature Rhythm in our Winter Box, bringing you a slice of coastal elegance, surf-inspired style, and a commitment to sustainability. Each curated piece reflects Rhythm's dedication to quality, artistry, and the coastal way of life. Get ready to catch the wave of coastal vibes with Beachly and Rhythm—it's not just a brand; it's a lifestyle.

They sound amazing, right!? We can't get enough of their culture and surfy, street vibe! Now, let me tell you all my favorite places I have been rockin' my Dawn Hoodie. It has been turning heads and it is the perfect piece for Winter-time activities!

Winter Actitivies to do Beachly

Imagine slipping into the cozy embrace of Rhythm's Dawn Hoodie from our Winter Box—where would you wear this effortlessly stylish piece? Picture this: a brisk morning coffee run as the sun rises, the hood pulled up against the chill, the Dawn Hoodie becomes your cozy companion. Its soft fabric and relaxed fit make it the perfect choice for a casual yet chic coffee stop, exuding laid-back coastal vibes.

As the day unfolds, transition your Dawn Hoodie to a pier-side stroll. The muted hues and subtle design details of the hoodie make it versatile for a leisurely walk by the water. Paired with your favorite denim or layered over a sundress, the Dawn Hoodie effortlessly complements any style. The pier-side stroll becomes a fashion statement—a harmonious blend of comfort and coastal elegance.

Now, let's talk styling tips. For a laid-back, beachy look, pair the Dawn Hoodie with high-waisted shorts or a flowy skirt. Tuck in the front to accentuate your waist and slip into some comfy sandals for an easygoing vibe. Alternatively, for a more polished ensemble, throw the hoodie over skinny jeans or leggings, and add ankle boots. Either way, you'll be looking coastal and cool all season long!

Whether you're sipping on your morning brew or taking a leisurely stroll by the pier, the Dawn Hoodie by Rhythm is your go-to companion, adding a touch of coastal charm to every adventure. Embrace the rhythm of the coast with this winter essential—comfort and style, perfectly blended.

The Rhythm Winter Feature 

The Dawn Hoodie | $75 retail value

Dawn Hoodie by Rhythm

Details - This super-soft beach fleece sports a cozy texture that feels like you've had it in your closet forever. With a vintage inspired sun and wave graphic given the lived in treatment and a flecked novelty draw cord for a pop of fun, it's the hoodie with good vibes.

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