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Beachly Beauty x Hanalei

Aloha, beach babe! Brooke here to kick off the new year with something extra special from one of our favorite brands who also happens to be featured in our Beachly Beauty Winter box! Any guesses who it is? It's Hanalei! I know you already love all things Hanalei just as much as we do over here at the Beachly HQ. Our team thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some beauty tips on behalf of both the Beachly and Hanalei team. 

So if you're looking for a revamp to your Winter skincare routine, I’ve got all the best kept secrets and details you need. And I can’t forget to mention, we're doing a major giveaway with Hanalei on the Beachly Beauty Instagram account. It goes live this Friday, January 14 at 9 am PST. You won't want to miss it! 

Pssst! All the products included in the Hanalei giveaway are a part of the perfect Winter skincare routine.

The Beachly Beauty Winter Box Feature

Before we get to the good stuff, we needed to take some time to tell you all about the Hanalei feature in our current Beachly Beauty Winter box. This season, we have all the nourishing lip products need for those cold and dry Winter months with Hanalei’s Kukui Lip Balm Trio. This SPF 15 lip balm is infused with pure kukui oil to triple your hydration and protect your lips from all of life's adventures.

What's it smell like?

The Kukui Lip Balm Trio comes in scents island mint, tropical citrus, and unscented. Something special for every tropical, beach lover! 

The Beachly Beauty x Hanalei Giveaway

Ready to hear all about the Beachly Beauty x Hanalei giveaway products and how they all come together to build a luxurious, winter-inspired skincare routine? I've got you covered! Take a peek at what's included in the Hanalei giveaway bundle down below and enter to win here. 

Preventing Dry Lips in the Winter

Winter weather can lead to dry skin, and dry skin means chapped lips. These are Hanalei's favorite methods for getting soft and healthy lips this winter.

Step 1 - Exfoliate With a Scrub

If your lips are already feeling the effects of winter weather, it’s a good idea to start your moisturized-lip-journey by exfoliating with a scrub. Exfoliation will help you to get rid of any dry skin, and in turn, will help your lips to absorb hydration and essential vitamins easier. Hanalei loves their Sugar Lip Scrub for this because it uses natural Hawaiian botanicals such as Hawaiian sugar cane and kukui oil to buff away that dry skin and moisturize all in one step.

After exfoliating, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re keeping your lips hydrated with either a lip balm or lip treatment!

Step 2 - Use a Lip Treatment

One of the best ways to keep lips feeling healthy and hydrated all winter long is to use a Lip Treatment like the Hanalei Kukui Oil Lip Treatment throughout the winter months. These Lip Treatments are incredible for helping your lips to hold moisture. The clear Lip Treatment is a great option for you to use overnight, so you can wake up with beautifully hydrated lips the next morning.

Step 3 - Use a Lip Balm Throughout the Day

Throw a Kukui Lip Balm in your purse or backpack when you’re on the go. Kukui Oil is fantastic at helping your lips to feel perfectly moisturized, and it’s a great idea to keep it on hand for whenever you might need it.

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I have a feeling you're going to loooove the Hanalei Winter Beauty box feature. We're so excited to have them be a part of this season's box and can't wait for you to discover more of what their brand has to offer. If you want to add a little more Hanalei goodness to your beauty routine, then you can shop their collections here and take 30% off your entire order with the code MAHALO12.

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As always, bring on the sunshine and good vibes, Beachly Tribe!