Winter Box 101: Accessorize the Birds of Paradise Winter Scarf | Beachly Tips

Accessorize your Winter scarf!

Aloha, sunshine! I don't know about you, but 2023 feels like a brand new start and an opportunity to switch up your style and routine! There are so many fun, easy ways that you can revamp the new year and I'm here to share some of my favorites with you. 

By now, I'm sure many of you have received your Beachly Winter 2022 box, we love seeing all the Good Vibe Tribe members wearing their new gear!If you haven't gotten yours yet, no worry, it will be in your hands in no time. Many people have been asking about the Birds of Paradise Scarf made by our friends over at Block + Ink. There are so many fun ways to wear this piece aside from normal scarf attire and I am here to share them all with you! 

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Accessorize your hair! 

If you've been a part of Beachly for a few seasons now, you may know that we love a fun hair scarf / accessory. The Waimea Hair Scarf was such a fun way to spice up any hairdo and the Birds of Paradise Scarf offers all the fun accessorizing opportunities! 

Hair accessories

You can tie your hair up in a pony tail and have the scarf hanging beneath, tie it up as a headband or all-over head scarf. We have even seen some members able to intertwine their scarf in a longer braid to have a pop of color in their hair! 

Add some coastal-flair to your favorite bag! 

One of my favorite ways to utilize the scarf, if hairdos aren't your thing, is to tie it to your favorite bag or even use it as an easy way to spot your luggage at the airport!

Bag accessories

Simply grab your purse, work bag, traveling backpack, or your preferred travel piece, tie the scarf along the handle, and let the design speak for itself! People will be noticing this eye-catching piece and you'll have a piece of Summery fun everywhere you go. 

Printed belts.. they're in! 

This one was sent in my one of you, Beachly Tribe! We hadn't thought about this, but we saw one of our Good Vibe Tribe members rocking their scarf as a fun colorful belt this Winter. Paired with a simple pair of jeans, a tee, and your Seabreeze Quilted Jacket, this scarf acts as the perfect colorful accessory! 

What do you think? Is there any fun ways of wearing this piece that we missed? Let us know on our Instagram or send us a DM with how you're wearing your Winter scarf! You may just get featured on the Instagram or weekly newsletter! 

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