Winter Style Tips | Beachly Winter Box

Winter Style Tips | Beachly Winter Box

As winter's icy breath sweeps in, bringing frost-kissed mornings and chilly evenings, your yearning for warmth and style intensifies. Enter Beachly's Exclusive Winter Box, a bundle of coastal-inspired comfort that seamlessly marries fashion and coziness! Let me tell you how we're putting these goodies to use and making for a perfectly coastal winter. 

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On brisk mornings, the Dawn Hoodie from Rhythm* beckons with promises of warmth and good vibes. Its super-soft beach fleece feels like an old friend, providing you with an embrace of comfort as you head out for a day of errands.

The vintage sun and wave graphic tell tales of coastal adventures, and with a flecked novelty draw cord adding a pop of fun, it becomes the perfect companion for your on-the-go look! Pair it with well-worn jeans and stylish sneakers, effortlessly blending laid-back charm with undeniable style.

*Customizable item in the Beachly winter box

Snuggly Nights at Home with Sundream

As the sun dips below the horizon, retreat to the sanctuary of your home, craving a cozy haven to unwind. The Sun Plush Throw by Sundream*, with its ultra-plush fabric and vibrant coastal pattern, becomes your go-to cocoon. Draped over your favorite armchair, it transforms your living space into a haven of warmth and cheer.

Wrap yourself in its luxurious embrace, indulging in the comfort of a good book and a steaming cup of cocoa. The throw, comparable to the famed Barefoot Dreams blankets, proves to be a stylish addition to your home decor, elevating your relaxation experience.

*Customizable item in the Beachly winter box

Beachly winter box cozy pieces

Winter Mornings and Beachy Flair with the Sunrise Seashell Robe

On chilly winter mornings, pull on the Sunrise Seashell Robe by Salt Sisters Co.* before grabbing your morning coffee. The plush, soft fabric cocoons you in warmth, and the embossed seashell on the back adds just the right touch of beachy flair, transporting you to sun-kissed shores even on the frostiest days.

Large pockets and an adjustable tie not only make it practical but also bring an element of style to your cozy routine. Rock it all day, blurring the lines between winter snugness and a perpetual summer state of mind.

  • Plush, soft fabric perfect for this chilly winter mornings
  • Large pockets + adjustable tie
  • Embossed shell on the back
  • Bright, vibrant coral color for a pop of summer into your winter routine

*Customizable product in the Beachly winter box

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Hibiscus Dreams - Beanies, Scarves, and Beachy Vibes

Don the Hibiscus Beanie and Scarf by Tag Aloha Co., and venture out into the chilly night air, embracing the coastal vibes even in the heart of winter. The embroidered hibiscus design whispers of tropical escapes, providing a perfect accessory for both warmth and style.

The ultra-soft and cozy fabric feels like a gentle caress, allowing you to feel the sun on your face during those crisp evenings. Paired together, the beanie and scarf create a coordinated look that effortlessly combines comfort and beachy chic.

Beachly winter box accessories

Island Living All Year Round with the Pineapple Keychain

To carry the beach vibes wherever you go, add the whimsical Pineapple Keychain by Island Haus Co. to your daily essentials. A celebration of island living all year round, this playful accessory finds a home on your keys, purse, or pocket.

Beachly winter box

Its presence serves as a delightful reminder that, no matter the season, a touch of tropical charm is never too far away. As you go about your day, the pineapple keychain becomes a beacon of sunny optimism, turning mundane moments into a celebration of island life.

Phew! Don't you just love this box as much as we do? It's perfectly coastal, in-style, and the perfect for the winter season! Be sure to grab your own winter box today if you're not part of the Good Vibe Tribe already and use code SEASHELL, at checkout for $25 off your first box! Until next time, Beachly Tribe!