Wishing You A Very Beachly Holiday Season!

Wishing You A Very Beachly Holiday Season!

Mele Kalikimaka, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa... happy holidays, Beachly Tribe! We know the holidays are a time best spent with friends, family and loved ones. Well, let us be the firs to say, we consider you all a part of the Beachly family and we cannot thank you enough for being a part of the Good Vibe Tribe this year! 

As a fun thank you, we thought we would run through some of our favorite holiday traditions and different ways the holidays are celebrated in some of our favorite coastal cities. Whether you're bundled up in the snow, enjoying some seaside, Winter escapes, or defrosting like our friends in Australia, there are so many fun, unique ways to celebrate the holiday season. Let's dive right in! 

1. Santa Run - Newtown, Wales 

This is for all those who love a Turkey Trot or an early morning run! I can't say I am a part of the crowd, but many people love dressing up as jolly Saint Nick and going on a festive run! In Wales, over 5,000 people gather to run this 7 km race all on behalf of charity. Nothing like giving this holiday season! 

Crowd of people dressed as Santa about to embark on a Santa run. One man wearing a beard, hat, and red shirt running towards the camera.

2. Night of the Radishes - Oaxaca, Mexico 

You may have carved a pumpkin for Halloween at some point in your life, but what about a carved radish festival? On this day, these little veggies are carved into a variety of scenes and objects, one of the most popular being the Christmas Nativity Scene... talk about some patience!

3. Sunburnt Christmas - Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Count me in for this sun-soaked tradition! If you didn't know, things are warming up for our friends over Australia and New Zealand and they celebrate it the best way possible. The trade out coats and mittens for swimsuits and tanning oil. Mixed in with swimsuits are Santa hats donned by attendees. Music, water, and sand is the perfect combination for a hot Christmas party. Sign me up! 

Bondi Beach Christmas

4. Giant Lantern Festival - City of San Fernando, Philippines 

On the Saturday night before Christmas Eve, San Fernando in the Philippines is illuminated with stars, but not the kind you’re thinking of. Called The Giant Lantern Festival, participants present giant illuminated lanterns that are often in the shape of stars. Some lanterns are as big as 40 feet in diameter and contain over 4,000 light bulbs! It's a scene straight out of the movie, Tangled, image the sight that is!

5. KFC Frenzy - Japan

While Christmas is celebrated often with hams, roast chickens, and comfort foods, those in Japan take a different approach on December 25th! They typically don't celebrate Christmas, but this day often centers around KFC and often orders are placed two months in advance for this day!

Did you know about these unique traditions, Beachly Tribe? Everywhere around the world, the holiday season is spent in such unique ways but, no matter how you celebrate, it is important to be with those you love and spend it the way you want. If you have a unique holiday tradition, be sure to let us know on Instagram or Facebook, we would love to know how our Good Vibe Tribe is spending this time of year!