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Giving Back


At Surf Shop Box, our lives revolve around the ocean and surfing. We've been lucky enough to live this lifestyle and want to play our part in sharing it with the world. Each month, we support a new cause, mission or organization which enhances, promotes or protects the surfing lifestyle and the environment that surrounds it. 

How We Support

Each month, we reserve at least 1% of our revenue which is donated to the causes that we support. In addition to monetary support, we donate man-hours...we like to get our hands dirty when possible, and our encourage our members to get involved with us!

Who We Support

Non-profits, amateur athletes and small to medium sized organizations which don't always have the most resources, but make a big impact.  

Some past beneficiaries...


Shark Angels   Alex & Duke Derego Foundation  Na Kama Kai  Sustainable Surf logo


Don't be a kook, join us in spreading the aloha ;)

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