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Sun Seekers Society: Unboxing Videos

Sun Seekers Society

Step 1: Film an Unboxing Video with your Beachly Box

Option #1: Take a vertical video from your phone, panning over all the products in the box. Share why you love your Beachly box.

  • Example: I love Beachly’s Winter box because it was a fun surprise to get new exciting things that I didn’t know I needed or even existed till I got them!" 

Option #2: Take a vertical video from your phone, describing 1-2 products you like from your Beachly box. Show how you use it. Share why you love each one and reveal the retail value of that item. Psst... you can find this in your in-box insert

  • Examples: Show how you style the fashion & lifestyle items, or how you apply the products to your next beach adventure. 

Step 2. Upload the full-size video to your computer at the highest quality

Step 3. Send your video file to

Title the subject of your email, "Beachly Unboxing Video". Include your full name and Instagram handle in the body of the email to earn your sun dollars! 

 Pssst.... check out this Beachly unboxing video for inspiration!

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