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Barrière - Travel Well 6 Pack Patches - Travel Diary (Add-On)

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Put your body in vacation mode from the inside out. Formulated for pre, during, and post-travel, this patch includes an assortment of scientifically-backed supplements, vitamins and adaptogens shown to boost immunity, improve circulation, suppress inflammation and swelling, while reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and fatigue. 

This pack includes 6 patches. Each patch features its own unique travel-inspired artwork including vintage passport stamps, postcards, and keepsakes from global adventures on a clear backing made from 100% recycled PET.

Our patches deliver effective self care with the ease of applying a band-aid. Each patch delivers vitamins transdermally through the skin and directly into the bloodstream for increased absorption compared to pills. The sustained release of ingredients takes place over 8-12 hours, and each patch can offer instant benefits and results. Just one patch a day is sufficient to deliver the vitamins you’re looking for, without the addition of any fillers or questionable ingredients. Our patches are: 

  • Formulated with 100% Plant-Powered ingredients 
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex & Paraben Free
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