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Beach Rinse - Ocean In a Bottle - Baja Mexico

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*BRAND NEW* Ocean in a Bottle spray for hair

We're taking your lazy beach girl hair to the next level. Don't have time to shower today? No worries. Refresh your locks on the third (or fourth) day, or use it as a finishing spray when styling your hair for a little grit. Scrunch up & tease for ocean-tossed texture.

Hair will be salty, crispy, and full of volume. We're talking double-overhead kinda volume! Like you walked right out of the ocean, air dried with your windows down, while cruising the 101.

About the scent...
A trip down to Baja is the OG California surfer's road trip. Magical Mexican surf breaks are found all the way down the coast. The drive is a long and hot trek through a desert, full of cactus and my favorite, the beautiful blue agave. It's sweet and stunning like this Spray. This is the ultimate summer scent. The sugary sweetness of the agave paired with banana will have you feeling all kinds of nostalgic. It might remind you of your favorite sunscreen, or a tropical bevy, or even your youthful trips to Mex. "

8fl.oz (237mL)
Ingredients: sea salt, organic blue spirulina, organic agave azul, organic caprylic/capric triglycerides (coconut MCT oil), organic cold pressed banana oil, organic cocoa nucifera (coconut) extract, aloe vera juice (organic aloe vera, citric acid, potassium sorbate), affinity filtration water.

Cautions: external use only. Avoid spraying in eyes and sensitive areas. 
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