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Beach Rinse - Skin Wax- Baja (Banana & Blue Agava)

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100% Natural lotion bar

Like a board with a fresh wax job, your limbs will be ready to go with a fresh bar of Skin Wax. Skin Wax is a zero water, zero filler, ultra-condensed bar of body lotion. All in the Beach Rinse scents you know and love! Aloe, red raspberry seed, & carrot seed oils make Skin Wax ideal for pre-sun and post-sun summer soothing, as well as hydrating during the dry, winter, landlocked months. 10/10 recommend keeping a bar on you at all times.

Skin Wax is packaged with 100% biodegradable shrink-wrap and paper, and a jar for travel storage.


*Store your lotion bar in a cool, dark place. If bar is soft on delivery, just pop in the fridge for a quick firm up.

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