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Coastal Coasters - Wood & Resin Large Cheese Board (Add-On)

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This Large Wood & Resin Cheese Board is a one-of-a-kind piece crafted by Coastal Coasters. This board combines the natural beauty of Acacia wood with a stunning resin ocean design. It's designed to be a standout addition to your elegant coastal-themed home decor or makes for a great gift. All boards are hand-crafted, and no two are alike. Measures roughly 16” X 12”

• Hand wash with mild soap & water. (Do not soak)
• After the board is dry, rub the wood with a small amount of olive or mineral oil to protect the surface for the long-lasting health of the board.
• The art portion of the board is not safe for chopping.

Coastal Coasters home creations are proudly crafted in a charming seaside town on Long Island, New York.
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