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Hang Accessories - 3 Piece Travel Bag Set - Leaf

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The 3 Piece Travel Bag Set is the perfect set to keep you compact and organized. 

  • Laundry Bag includes: drawstring closure, extra large size for optimal use, "Laundry" labeled tag
  • Shoe Bag includes: drawstring closure, room for 1-2 pairs of shoes to keep dirt and germs away from the rest of your suitcase contents, "Runaway With Me" labeled tag
  • Lingerie Bag includes: zipper closure, room for bras, socks & undies, "Secrets" labeled tag

Machine washable nylon is "squish-able" and collapsible, great for carry-ons, totes, or larger luggage pieces. Easily transfer items and separate belongings for hassle free travel or daily use!

Laundry bag: 17" x 22"

Shoe bag: 11" x 16.5"

Lingerie bag: 14" x 9.5"

Material: Washable nylon 

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