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Lotus and Luna - Divine Healer 2mm Metal Accent Healing Necklace (Add-On)

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Unlock your full potential with the sacred energy of our 2mm Divine Healer necklace, created to inspire inner peacehealing, and growth

Each pieces features transformative stones: Amazonite (Inner Peace), Quartz (Healing), Carnelian (Energy), Garnet (Bravery), Amethyst (Vitality), Lapis Lazuli (Wisdom), Agate (Balance), and Turquoise (Protection). 

Perfect for gifting, each jewelry piece comes packaged with a description of its stones and their healing properties.

 "Let this Necklace serve as a talisman on your healing journey"- Divine Healer


Materials: Natural Healing Stones & 14K Gold or Sterling Silver Plated Chain and Clasp

Length: Adjustable 14” - 17"

Colors: Magenta, Orange, Purple, Green

Featured Stones: Agate, Amethyst, Jade, Turquoise, Garnet, Sandstone, Carnelian, Pink Aventurine


To maintain the beauty and shine of your fine jewelry pieces, keep them clean and dry.

Avoid contact with all moisture and chemicals. This includes lotion, perfumes, makeup, salt or chlorine water, hair styling products, and food.

Remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, or exercising.

Store jewelry in a cloth bag or jewelry box when traveling (or anytime it is not being worn) to avoid scratches, loss or damage.




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