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Shaka Love - Organic Mesh Tote & Beach Bag

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY:  Made from 100% organic, sustainably sourced cotton. These bags are long lasting and durable yet eventually biodegradable since they are made from 100% plant based materials.  
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Our long handle carry bags are strong yet soft, to hold heavy groceries as well as beach toys, sports gear, pool towels, etc. SIZE: 27"x13". Long handles make it easy for over the shoulder carrying. Straps are double sewn on the front and the back for extra durability when carrying heavier items.   
  • FILLED WITH ALOHA: Experience the beauty and spirit of ALOHA LIVING while sporting your stylish Shaka Love bags. The long handle carry bags are filled with meaningful Hawaiian words to fill your heart and your produce with the spirit of ALOHA. 
  • MULTI-USE: These bags are great for groceries, the beach, the pool, picnic, laundry, travel, or just toting around your everyday necessities.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE:  Easy to clean, just throw in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle and hang dry or tumble dry low.  These bags get softer with each wash.  
  • SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICAL PRACTICES: All SHAKA LOVE products are sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, fair –trade, and made with 100% ethical business practice. 10% of all profits go to help protect the future of our planet.Thank you for saying joining us to “Say NO to plastic, Live Eco-Fantastic"


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