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Tiny Bandit - The Coconut Sands Shell Candle (NMC)

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*Beachly Exclusive

Details - This AMAZING smelling candle features hand poured coconut wax, a cotton wick and tropical notes that transport you to a surf lined beach. Lightly sprinkled with crystals & shells from the sea, welcome to paradise.

About the Brand - Growing up, founder Heather Beaudoin was immersed in a culture that was all about crystals, creativity, and spirituality. Bohemian wasn’t a trend, it’s been her way of life.  With almost ten years of experience under her belt designing for others, one inspirational day Heather had a lucid vision of what her own collection would look like and created Tiny Bandit. The line boasts personal nuances including hand drawn fonts, hand painted watercolors for the labels, & custom blended fragrances. Every item is organically one of a kind. The Tiny Bandit Collection was created to shine light on your path and inspire your wellness life rituals.
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