5 Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations | Beachly Travel

5 Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations - Beachly Travel
Here at Beachly, we're ultraaa beach-obsessed which means we're always daydreaming of our next tropical location. With paradise on our mind 24-7, it makes it hard to budget for all the getaways we have on our list. And let's be real - beach vacations don't always come cheap! Knowing how much I value my time by the sea, I knew I needed to find a way to make it happen, no matter what. Which is where this list of 10 Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations comes to play. So get ready to get your beach fix without breaking the bank on the way there!

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1. Bali, Indonesia - Okay, okay - now I know what you're thinking. Bali, Indonesia!? That's an international beach destination - all you see is dollar signs. But hear me out - the flight is the splurge, and once you arrive you can find highly rated hotels for as low as $50. And the best part? a casual meal can cost around $3. So all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for flight deals and rest assured your budget will stay in tact upon arrival.

Bali, Indonesia Beachly Travel

Fun Fact

The Beachly CEO is going on his honeymoon to Bali! Stay tuned for travel tips coming your way post-vacay. Have you ever been? Leave your Bali must-sees down below in the comments! 

2. Corfu, Greece - Ahhh, I just love Greece. It's another international hot spot, but you can almost always score relatively inexpensive flights directly to Corfu by booking through smaller, regional airlines. And once you're there - you'll quickly discover that all hotels, restaurants, and fun island activities are budget-friendly and pretty cheap. Travelers can often score relatively inexpensive flights directly to the island by booking through smaller, regional airlines, and once there, visitors will find that hotels, restaurants, and activities can be pretty cheap.

Corfu Greece Beachly Travel

3. Phuket, Thailand - Are you seeing a trend here? All of these budget-friendly beach destinations are a hop, skip, and jump over the pond away. Which is why I'm so excited to share them with you! Budget-friendly, tropical, and international? Count me innnn! Phuket certainly has its luxury side, but it also has a great choice of cheap or free attractions, budget hotels and affordable food options. If you can find a cheap flight you’ll be set with a small budget once you arrive. 

Phuket Thailand Beachly Travel

4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - With low-season deals and kids-stay-free summer offers at more than 80 all-inclusive resorts, there are great values to be found everywhere you look in Punta Cana. Even in peak season, several all-inclusive properties advertise room rates that are less than $300 per night for two people!

Punta Cana Dominican Repubic Beachly Travel

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico - Packed with culture, color, and beautiful beaches, San Juan is full of good vibes and sunshine. An added incentive? Americans don't need a passport to enjoy San Juan! Unlike their neighbouring Caribbean islands, San Juan offers affordable prices for an incredible beach experience. There's history, architecture, and endless amounts of sun to be soaked up and enjoyed.

San Juan Puerto Rico Beachly Travel

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