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5 must-read summer books

Summer is here, and it’s time to soak up the sun with a cold drink in one hand and a fabulous book in the other. Whether you’re lounging by the ocean or hanging out by the lake, these five beachy reads are perfect for anyone looking to escape into a world of sun, sand, and sizzling romance. Dive into these delightful novels that promise to keep you entertained all season long!

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1. "Beach Read" by Emily Henry

A charming and witty tale that follows two rival authors, January and Gus, who find themselves living next door to each other in beach houses for the summer. As they challenge each other to swap genres, they discover more than just new writing styles. "Beach Read" is the perfect mix of humor, heart, and a touch of romance, making it a delightful companion for your beach bag.

2. "Summer of '69" by Elin Hilderbrand

Step back in time with this nostalgic novel set on Nantucket Island. Elin Hilderbrand weaves a captivating story about the Levin family during the tumultuous summer of 1969. With family secrets, personal revelations, and the allure of the island setting, this book is a wonderful escape to a different era. It’s historical fiction with a beachy twist that you won’t be able to put down.

3. "The Lake House" by Kate Morton

For those who love a bit of mystery with their beach read, "The Lake House" is an intriguing tale set in Cornwall. The story alternates between 1933 and 2003, unraveling the secrets of a grand estate and its residents. With Morton’s lush descriptions and intricate plotting, this book is perfect for readers who enjoy a bit of suspense mixed with their summer sunshine.

Summer Books to Read Beachly

4. "Big Summer" by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner delivers a fun, modern tale of friendship, social media, and second chances in "Big Summer." The story follows Daphne, a plus-size Instagram influencer, who gets invited to her former best friend's glamorous Cape Cod wedding. This novel is full of humor, relatable moments, and a touch of mystery, making it an ideal read for a day at the beach.

5. "The Summer House" by Lauren K. Denton

Set in the charming town of Safe Harbor, Alabama, "The Summer House" is a heartwarming story about Lily Bishop, who moves to a small beachside town after her marriage falls apart. There, she discovers new friendships and a chance at a fresh start. Denton’s evocative writing and endearing characters make this book a cozy and uplifting summer read.

Pack your sunscreen, grab one (or all) of these books, and get ready to lose yourself in tales of love, laughter, and lakeside lounging. Happy reading, and enjoy every sun-soaked minute of your summer adventures!

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