How to Make the Most of Your Three Day Weekend | Beachly Tips

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday, beach lover! There’s nothing better than soaking in the Friday vibes as you’re about to embark on a long weekend, right!? I have been looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend for weeks, and I’m ready to savor every moment. Whether it’s spending time outside, enjoying some much-needed relaxation, or investing in yourself, this weekend is the perfect time to unwind and make the most of the extra day of freedom. I’m here to share my ideal way to spend the weekend, so let’s dive right in!

Personally, my favorite day of a three-day weekend is the Friday before it begins. There's so much opportunity ahead, and I love to make a plan to ensure every day is truly lived to the fullest. Once work is wrapped up, it’s time to relax and do whatever you love most!

As for myself, I love to finish up at work, text some of my best gal pals, and make plans for a cute happy hour somewhere in town. In my book, there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice spicy margarita and having a good gossip session with some of your closest friends. For all my San Diego locals, one of my favorite spots to hit is Sky Deck in Del Mar. Not only are the views amazing, but there are so many options for food in one spot, it’s perfect for a large group!

When Saturday rolls around, you have a world of possibilities—spending the day out in the sunshine, having a relaxing day at home with some of your favorite movies, or exploring new spots you haven’t tried before! Personally, I love spending as much time outdoors as possible, especially here in sunny San Diego.

To kick off the day, I’ll be hiking Torrey Pines, listening to music or a podcast, and enjoying some much-needed time outdoors. Starting the weekend with a nice outdoor workout is the best way to jumpstart a productive weekend. Try to find some trails near you and see how you feel after a long outing in the sunshine—I bet you’ll be ready to take on the world.

After a nice morning in nature, I plan on grabbing some lunch before heading home to relax and enjoy some time at home. Three-day weekends are perfect for some much-needed relaxation time on your own, and the best part? You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on anything because you have an extra day of fun ahead of you—score!Torrey Pines

Before you know it, Sunday is here. The good news? No Sunday scaries this weekend! Nothing says Sunday better than a nice brunch with some friends, paired with some orange juice and bubbly, of course! I recommend finding a spot with a nice view and great avocado toast. There are so many fun, new places to try. See if you can grab a group of friends this weekend and have a fun girls’ outing at a new spot!Brunch

We’ve made it, Beachly Tribe. It’s Monday, the last day of our long-awaited three-day weekend. I love to have a reset day every week to run some errands, do some laundry, and ensure I’m ready to put my best foot forward for the week ahead. You may think Monday is the day to dedicate to this, but this weekend is about enjoying every day to the fullest!

I recommend spending the first half of the day however YOU want. Whether that’s going for a walk, reading your favorite book, sleeping in, or laying seaside soaking up the sun, your extra day off should be spent in whatever way feels best. I personally will be laying seaside, reading my favorite book, and saving all my "reset" tasks for Monday evening.

This is where Beachly’s Summer Box becomes the perfect companion for your long weekend. One standout item is the Tropical Bliss Speaker, which is ideal for adding a musical backdrop to your extended break. Whether you’re hiking, brunching, or relaxing by the beach, this portable speaker will enhance your experience with your favorite tunes.

That’s all, sunshine lovers! I hope you spend this weekend in a way that fits you best. There are so many fun opportunities with an extra long weekend. However, let’s not forget why we have an extra day off and keep in mind the reason for the day—honoring those who have lost their lives serving in the military.

Until next time, Beachly Tribe!