A Message to our Members

Aloha, Beachly Tribe! A number of you have reached out expressing displeasure regarding an issue with your Spring Box, and we want to take a few minutes to apologize and add clarity around the situation that occurred.

The issue we are referring to is that many of you did not receive the Cross Body Purse in your Spring Box, and instead, received a replacement item. First, we want to offer a sincere apology to anyone who received a replacement item which they were unhappy with. We never plan on or want to replace items in our boxes, but this past Spring, we faced an unprecedented situation.

Now, let's review what happened... Due to inclement weather in February plus additional delays caused by COVID restrictions, one of the products which was scheduled to be in the Spring Box arrived to the warehouse later than expected. Upon arrival, the team was ready to dive in and start packing and shipping Spring Boxes ASAP. However, we quickly discovered that less than half of the order was delivered to us!

We promptly shipped out the units of the product which we did receive while we worked day and night to resolve the issue. Ultimately, we found out that the courier who was responsible for delivering the order had lost the units while in transit. While this isn't common, it occasionally happens. In 2021, we have seen increased reports of orders being lost in transit as the couriers struggle to keep up with the increased shipping demand all over the world.

Once we knew the units were missing, we had to explore the options. The first option we explored was to produce more purses. Unfortunately, even a rush order would've taken 3 to 4 months to produce and deliver. As you can imagine, factories are working overtime to keep up with demand right now, so our hopes for a quick turnaround quickly faded.

We did not want to keep our members waiting months for their boxes, so we had to move to option 2: find a replacement item. Producing a new replacement item would've taken months, so we had to find great items which had already been produced and could be shipped to the warehouse as quickly as possible — not an easy task!

We reached out to all of the great brands we work with to see what they had in stock and were available to sell. As you can imagine, finding thousands and thousands of units with very short notice is extremely difficult! Our Head Buyer barely slept for the month of March as she scoured the market for the best replacement products she could find. We had to place numerous orders with a number of different brands. As we received shipments of replacement products, we would pack and ship boxes as fast as possible. It took us the entire Spring Season to find and receive enough product to ship the remaining Spring Boxes.

On March 24, we sent an email to all of our members explaining the situation, and notifying them that there was going to be a replacement item. Unfortunately, we have learned that a lot of members had missed that email, and were surprised by the replacement item. We apologize for that, and have been exploring methods to ensure members receive important communication.

This was an extremely stressful situation for the Beachly Team, as we NEVER want to let our members down. We worked extremely hard to find the best replacement items that we could, and we are so sorry to hear that some of you were unhappy with your replacement item. We will do our best to make it up to those that were disappointed.

We do not expect a situation such as this to happen often (hopefully, never again), but here are steps that we are taking to reduce the odds of another freak incident such as this from occurring:

  • Communication - It all starts with communication with our members. We will be improving our lines of communication with members through email, text, the Member Dashboard and live chat so we can keep everyone informed if we do encounter issues.
  • Logistics - We will be improving our relationships with the couriers to receive better and more accurate updates on the delivery of products to the warehouse.
  • Merchandising - Although it will always be tricky to find a large amount of product in a pinch, we will be thinking 2 steps ahead, so in the event that an order is heavily delayed or goes missing, we will have better options to secure high quality products for our members.

We want to thank all of you for your patience during the Spring Season, and for your long term support of our mission to deliver good vibes to beach enthusiasts all over the world. We hate to think we let even just one member down, but we can promise that our small and mighty team will continue to strive to get better and better with every season.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We can't wait to start shipping you Summer Beachly Boxes!

Good vibes always,

Beachly Team