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Beachly Behind the Brand with EiR NYC

Aloha, sunshinessss. I’m sure you know by now that we're in full blown Fall mode here at the Beachly HQ. This week, we're taking you behind the brand with our New York based beauty babes, EiR NYC. We partnered up with EiR NYC in the Beachly Beauty Fall box to bring that extra splash of hydration your way - because who doesn't need a little extra hydration in the Fall? 

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Behind the Brand with EiR NYC

Originating from the surf community of Montauk, New York, EiR NYC strives to create a greener alternative from your normal drugstore beauty counter. As a brand, they wanted to pursue an all natural remedy that quickly expanded beyond its original surf community roots. EiR NYC believes that natural ingredients and treatments are the ideal way to fulfill the body’s needs. They seek out simplistic solutions to bring the good stuff to your skin, and nothing more. From their unique beauty outlook, the EiR NYC brand eventually began to reach grander audiences of those who also wanted thoughtfully made beauty products - just like us! 


Fun Fact

EiR NYC's name was derived from the Norse goddess of healing - EiR was once invoked in healing rituals using a white flower known as the Eirflower. The tradition of utilizing the bounties of the Earth is carried on into the mission, vision, and brand philosophy of EiR NYC today. 

The EiR NYC Brand Philosophy 

EiR NYC’s entire brand is derived from the idea that the bounties of the Earth are able to provide the best remedies for anything your body may need. Whether coming from herbs, essential oils, or any other natural ingredient, their philosophy is to keep things simple - like nature intended! They maintain this belief in their three areas of lifestyle and wellness products - daily routine, healing and recovery, as well as sun and after sun-care. 

The EiR NYC team is consistently striving for sustainable efforts as well as natural product use. They have devoted their brand to not only helping people, but also reducing their carbon footprint by utilizing plastic-free and biodegradable packaging. How cool is that!?

Did you know?

The EiR NYC Face Rescue, Active Fash Wash, and Savasana Body Oil are all included in their efforts of using natural ingredients as well as sustainable packaging. And the best part... They’re all included in the Beachly Beauty x Eir NYC Giveaway which you can enter HERE!

The EiR NYC Fall Feature

Eir NYC’s Fall Beachly Beauty feature is the Hydrating Facial Mist, our latest go-to, aloe-infused toner. With only five ingredients, just a few spritzes of this toner will work to hydrate and balance your skin tone while also adding the perfect dose of moisture to your everyday skincare routine. 

Beachly Beauty Box

How to use the Facial Mist?

Avoiding your eyes, gently mist your face for an air-dry, or apply with a cotton pad for a deeper clean. Use throughout the day as desired whenever you need a refresh or an added boost of hydration.

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