All About Salty Cali | Beachly Behind the Brand

Beachly Behind the Brand with Salty Cali

It’s hard to believe that we’re already deep into the Fall season. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, but we’re still here to bring you all the coastal vibes to give you that summer feeling all season long! This weekend, I am SO excited to tell you all about one of our favorite San Diego local brands - Salty Cali!

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Behind the Brand with Salty Cali

Based locally in San Diego, Salty Cali collections are inspired by the ocean, beach, surf, and Californian lifestyle. Each of their pieces are made of unique natural stones, shells, and colorful crystals that help everyone feel like they are just steps away from their favorite beachy getaway. And fun fact - Salty Cali has now expanded into over 200 retailers across the United States, Caribbeans, and even Europe! 

Salty Cali x Beachly

Salty Cali started as a dream of turning a small hobby into a passion-driven business when the owners Miriam and Leslie began to curate their coastal-inspired collections. Sounds like a real dream come true! By supporting Salty Cali, you’re also supporting a woman-owned business that is dedicated to bringing you beautiful, beach-inspired accessories for any time of year. Perfect for their feature in our Fall box with their Salty Shell Necklace! 

The Salty Cali Fall Feature

Inspired by coastal roots, the Salty Shell Necklace is the perfect way to always keep a piece of sun-kissed beach days with you. The petite seashell pendant on this delicate, made in Italy chain is perfect for everyday wear throughout the year. Better yet? You can get it in either their silver finish or their gold finish, perfect for any style! 

Besides being San Diego neighbors with Salty Cali - we’re huge fans of the brand for many other reasons. The Salty Cali Instagram brings you all the coastal-inspired vibes you’re looking for and we can’t get enough of it! 

If you didn’t know, Beachly and Salty Cali go wayyyyy back - they were featured in one of our early boxes and we’ve loved them ever since. We knew we wanted to bring them back this season and give the Beachly Tribe another look at their beautifully created accessories. Eventually, we decided to feature the Salty Shell Necklace - an exclusive Beachly Brand design!  Beachly x Salty Cali Fall Box Feature

No matter your style preference, the Salty Shell Necklace is the perfect addition to any day. If you’re looking to add a coastal-touch to your wardrobe, you’ll find the perfect fit with the Salty Shell Necklace. We wanted to design a piece that will remind you of the warmer, summer days even in the midst of the cooler seasons and we are so excited to finally see this small token of sunshine show up to all of your front doors! 

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