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All About Vagabond Goods

Aloha, Beach lover! We're reaching the end of our Fall giveaways... what a bummer! I've been having so much fun teaching you all about the Fall box brands, their stories, and all the goodies they have to offer. This week is no different as I'm taking you to take a closer look at Vagabond Goods! They have a giveaway perfect for any beach-lover or beach-bag-fanatic.

Vagabond Goods is all about a healthy, beach-loving, outdoor lifestyle. They're the creators of the oh-so-beachy Coconut Shell Candle in the Beachly Fall box! I think you're going to love this brand once you see how much more they have to offer and the amazing giveaway we have for you this week.

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Designed With Love In Venice: A Look at Vagabond Goods

Born from hypnotizing patterns, bold color schemes found from cultures around the globe and the love for health and fitness, Vagabond Goods is all about making you look your best while feeling your best.

Vagabond is best known for their premium yoga, beach, and travel accessories that come in striking designs for the enlightened athlete. Their goods are made using premium materials and the latest printing techniques. That's right! The creators of your favorite candle go far beyond coastal home decor. 

Trust me, nothing is better than feeling confident when you're getting ready for a workout. Vagabond Goods has just what you need! Whether you're looking for your next yoga-class look or pieces for your next beach day, Vagabond goods has you covered with the most unique designs. Shop Vagabond Good's collection here!

Brooke's Favorites from Vagabond Goods

All Fall long whether I've been spending the day at the beach or a morning at the gym, Vagabond Goods has been my favorite brand to feel like my best self in every scenario! I'm here to tell you all my favorite pieces and how I use them in my day to day. The best part? Vagabond Goods is giving you 20% off everything on their site with code VAGABOND20. 

Pilates or Beach Walk - do it in style!

Personally, I have been trying to incorporate more exercise in my life and start my day off by moving my body. One thing I have adopted is doing a morning yoga session to get my blood flowing and stretch my body! It's never been easier to be motivated to start my morning with a stretch since I now have the cutest, beach-inspired and tropical-looking workout gear. 

Brooke's Vagabond Picks

I love to roll our my newest Tropical Palm Print Yoga Mat every morning. It's the perfect way to start my day with a touch of tropical-flair while also reminding me to be in the moment. 

Now, my favorite part... the outfit! My favorite combo are the Charly Legging with the Klara Yoga Top! There's so many different color combinations, patterns, and designs that you can choose to make this outfit uniquely yours!

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Vagabond Goods Fall Feature

The Island Time Shell Candle | $20 retail value

Vagabond Goods Island Time Shell Candle

Details - With coconut notes evoking the warmth of the tropics, this candle compliments any sea-inspired space. Now for the biggest question - enjoy as a decorative piece or burn and enjoy the delicious coconut scent? The choice is yours, sunshine!

Brooke’s Tip - I’ll be using my Island Time Shell Candle as a little bit of beachy decor in my humble abode. It pairs super cute placed on top of a Mango Wood Coaster, too!

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The Vagabond Goods x Beachly Fall Giveaway 

Are you ready for our next official Fall box giveaway? I'm sure you know by now that it's with none other than our Fall box friends, Vagabond Goods! This giveaway is every beach bag-lovers dream. Did I mention it's valued at $570+!? Click here to enter the Vagabond Goods x Beachly Giveaway!  

Vagabond Goods Prize Pack 

I'm sure that you cannot wait to dive into health-loving and oh-so-vibrant brand. I don't blame you! Check out their site and shop everything with an additional 20% off when you use code VAGABOND20. 

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