Catch the Wave: Celebrate International Surfing Day!

Celebrate International Surfing Day

Hey there, wave riders and ocean enthusiasts! June 17th is International Surfing Day and we are so excited to celebrate with you and soooo many of our amazing brand-friends. This day is all about honoring our beloved oceans, the breathtaking sport of surfing, and spreading awareness about their significance. So grab your boards and sunscreen, because we're about to embark on an adventure filled with fun brands, a special bonus giveaway, and a whole lot of love for the salty waves!

What's the Buzz About International Surfing Day?

International Surfing Day, celebrated every year on June 20th, is like a party wave that brings people from all walks of life together. This special day is dedicated to celebrating the sport of surfing and raising awareness about the importance of protecting our precious oceans. It's a time when surfers and ocean lovers unite, creating a global wave of appreciation for the incredible power and beauty of the sea.

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Riding the Purposeful Wave: Show Your Appreciation for the Ocean

Now that we're in sync with the purpose of International Surfing Day, let's dive deeper and discover how you can show your appreciation for the ocean. Remember, the ocean is not just a playground for surfers; it's a life-giving force that deserves our love and care.

Dive into Sustainable Practices

Make a splash by adopting sustainable habits that reduce your impact on the ocean. Say no to single-use plastics, choose eco-friendly sunscreens, and participate in beach clean-ups. By practicing sustainable living, you'll be riding a big wave of positive change for our beloved marine environment!

Spread the Ocean Love

Share your passion for the ocean with others! Organize surf lessons, beach outings, or educational events to introduce people to the wonders of surfing and the importance of ocean conservation. Let's make some waves and inspire others to protect our precious marine ecosystems.

Support Marine Conservation Organizations

Make a difference by supporting organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of our oceans. Whether it's through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word about their efforts, every little contribution can help create a ripple effect of change.

Ride the Waves Responsibly

When you hit the waves, make sure you do so with respect for both the ocean and your fellow surfers. Follow surfing etiquette, be mindful of your surroundings, and adhere to local regulations. Remember, the ocean is a shared playground, and we all have a role to play in keeping it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

International Surfing Day with Sunrise Shack

We were lucky enough to chat with Travis, one of the founders of Sunrise Shack and ask him some questions about his time on the water, some of his favorite memories, and any advice he has for anyone looking to take the water! Let's check it out... 

What's your favorite surf spot or beach that you've had the pleasure of visiting and why?

"My favorite surf spot in the whole world is banzai pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. The reason why I like it so much is because the beach is so amazing and the wave itself is one of the best in the world. It’s right off the shoreline it’s a left and a right And it’s as scary as any Surfer would want it. It’s also one of the most highly rewarding waves on the planet." 

What does surf culture / connection to the beach look like to you?

"Surf culture and a connection to the beach lifestyle has been in my blood since a baby. I’ve been around it my whole life and I’m sure I’ll be around it until the day I die. It really means a lot to me and I love it so much connecting into the ocean, being under the sun and enjoying the surf are some of the best qualities of life."

What advice would you say to someone just starting to learn surfing?

"Any words of encouragement? Learning how to surf can take a long time, but it is totally worth it half of the learning experience comes from the balance on the board, and the other half comes from your knowledge with the ocean, the ocean acts in certain ways and patterns it can become predictable, the more you learn it Spent as much time as you can in the ocean and you’ll start to learn it be patient and enjoy the journey."

Without the ocean, there's no surf. What sustainable habits can people take on to ensure we can maintain ocean health for generations to come?

I feel like to eliminate as much waste in your life as possible. I also pick up a lot of trash on a regular basis, and I educate the people around me to do the same. I really like the concept of try to find three pieces of trash every time you visit the beach. I really love what one clean ocean is doing right now. They are cleaning out my trash out of the ocean than anyone and it’s beautiful to see.

What's your Sunrise Shack order?

"This is a hard one. I feel like I’ve eaten at the Sunrise Shack more than anybody and still to this day. My favorite smoothie bowl is half blue dream half Acai with Mac not butter on top."

Where is your dream surf spot that you hope to visit some day or have visited?

"I would really like to start doing wave exploration and find new waves that nobody has surfed before. there’s so many waves out there, so many undiscovered coast lines. It’s really mind blowing to think about."

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