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San Diego Must-Visit Spot

Alohaaa, sunshine! We're in the midst of the Spring season and that means one of my favorite weekend activities is back in rotation - beautiful So-Cal hikes! Nothing is better than grabbing a group of my gal pals, putting on the hiking shoes, and taking a nice stroll full of laughs and a little bit of gossip! Today, I'm going to tell you all about my current favorite hike that anyone can enjoy - Torrey Pines in San Diego, California! Let's dive right in. 

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Whenever I make the trek to Torrey Pines, I know I'll be getting some good views, nice company, and of course a great cup of coffee to kick off the hike. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is right down the road from the base of the hike and is the perfect spot to meet up, start the trail chatter, and get some caffeine to add some energy for the hike ahead.  

Pro Tip 

In order to park at Torrey Pines, you do have to pay... UNLESS you listen to my local tip! From the same street at Bird Rock, all you have to do is walk down Carmel Valley Road, turn left at the light, and walk through the tunnel that will lead you to a trail directly to Torrey Pines. It adds a little bit more walking to your day, but a few extra steps never hurt anyone! 

One thing I love about Torrey Pines, is the simplicity of the hike. There is only one spot that can be a bit tough. However, it's just the initial road to get to the trails and after that, it's smooooth sailing! 

I personally prefer to take as many trails as I can once I make it to the top. The first trail you come across is perfect for oceanic views, candid photos, and you get beautiful blooms if you're going in the Spring or the Summer. For a look at all the trails, you can check out our Beachly Tik Tok account where we show just how amazing the hike can be and all the amazing views that come with it! 

Speaking of views, Torrey Pines is the perfect spot for morning, afternoon, and early sunsets. Whether you're heading up or down the cliffs, you'll be catching amazing views at all times of the day. Each turn out at the end of the trails offers premium spots to take pictures of the waves crashing on the shore, and you can capture the cliffs with the seasonal blooms. Truly a sight to be seen! 

Torrey Pines Views

Fun Fact 

Torrey Pines is a hot spot for engagements and wedding photos! With the stellar views and premium location, don't be surprised if you see someone ready to pop the big question! 

That's it, Beachly Tribe! I must say, I am so excited for this warmer weather and for all the outdoor activities that come with it. Next time you're in San Diego, be sure to check out Torrey Pines and get the best candid's in the area! 

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