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All About DIFF Eyewear

Here at Beachly, we are all about living stylishly and giving back. When the two intertwine it’s even better! With that being said… we are so excited for you to learn a little more about DIFF Eyewear - the brand behind the stylish Bella Sunglasses in the Beachly Summer box

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Did you know? 

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How it all Started

The three co-founders of DIFF - Zach Gordan, Chad Jernigan, Chad Dime - started out as competitors selling eyewear at festivals. They realized their combined potential would be more efficient in their success within the eyewear industry. Thus, DIFF was born, with the vision to create “handcrafted, designer-quality shades at a fair price”, while making a difference. 

Diff Eyewear Founders

So, what makes them DIFFerent exactly? 

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Thoughtful design
  • Fair prices
  • A mission to give back

The three began to craft their company at the end of 2014 into a niche market of affordability and uncompromising quality. So, why do they care so much about making their product affordable? The founders stated, “We promise to never compromise the quality of our products and to always prioritize humanitarian need over monetary greed.”  


DIFF’s mission is to use fashion as a force for good.

DIFF has established partnerships with Sightsavers and Eyes on Africa - international organizations leading the way in providing eye care for billions of people around the world. Every pair of DIFF glasses sold helps provide the gift of sight to someone in need. DIFF offers medicine, surgeries, glasses, eye exams, and more… making a global impact. DIFF and their customers have helped provide the gift of sight to over 2.7 million people, and the excitement to serve millions more only grows from these charitable hearts. 

DIFF Charities

DIFF also cares deeply about expanding their givebacks outside of the range of vision. In their Pouch Program, DIFF purchases and sells African pouches handmade by artisan tailors in Arua, Uganda. The profits support the development of nurseries, schools and in helping the local community. The program also helps to provide fair, reliable wages for the tailors - along with health, financial, and vocational training in support of their families for years to come. 

Think it can’t get any better? DIFF also participates in local initiatives such as beach clean-ups, volunteering in local soup kitchens, and more. DIFF really takes their #makeaDIFFerence mission to heart. 

Fun Fact

Since 2015, DIFF has donated over 1,400,000 pairs of reading glasses to individuals in need around the world - and that's only the beginning of it. Socially conscious and charitable at heart, the DIFF Eyewear family strives for the perfect pair - handcrafted with designer quality materials and delivered to you with love. 

The DIFF Summer Feature

The Bella Sunglasses / $75 Retail Value

Bella Sunglasses x Beachly

Details - Ciao Bella! Discover the fan-fave Bella shades designed by local Southern California brand, DIFF. These sunnies are insta-worthy, beach-worthy, and YOU-worthy! Featuring an oversized fit, classic square shape, & sleek metal temples, the bestselling Bella is a true Summer beach day staple.

Ciao, Bella!

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The DIFF Eyewear x Beachly Summer Giveaway

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DIFF Giveaway

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