5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Glowy Complexion | Beachly Beauty Tips

5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Glowy Complexion | Beachly Beauty Tips

Aloha, beach babesss! Summer is in full swing and so is the desire to go makeup-free and let your natural beauty shine through. A couple weeks ago I shared some of the best beauty hacks to keep your skin feeling refreshed all summer long, and today I’m back with 5 simple ways to maintain your glowy skin complexion all summer - and year - long! When I say these things are easy I mean eaaaaasy, so easy they’ll become a habit in no time. 

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Wash your hands before touching your face

I know you probably hear this all the time but this is your sign to listen up. We all carry so many germs on our hands from touching door knobs, phone screens, and numerous other things throughout the day. Washing your hands - and also avoiding touching or leaning on your face throughout the day - will greatly reduce the amount of build up within your pores and lead to more clarity overall! 

Wash your face (and hands!)

Wash your makeup brushes and sponges (recommended every 2 weeks)

It seems like such a hassle to have to wash all your brushes and then wait for them to dry because you need them almost every day, but trust me - it’s worth it. Circling back to the negativity of buildup of germs and bacteria in your pores, loaded up and dirty makeup brushes and sponges will also hold you back from achieving pure clarity. Every 2 weeks, set aside one day where you won’t need your brushes (as they can take a while to dry), use a gentle wash (there are many makeup brush soaps on the market but baby soap works just as well), and get to scrubbing away. You will be shocked at how much builds up over time, and your skin will thank you! 

Don’t forget about your neck and chest! Apply serums, moisturizers and especially sunscreen to these areas

Areas such as your neck and chest are often overlooked when partaking in your skincare routine. These areas (your neck especially) are just as delicate and sensitive as your facial skin, and deserve to be treated with the same care!

Serums & Sunscreens!

Change your pillowcase weekly

Ideally everyone should be changing their sheets out every week, but at the bare minimum please please please change the pillowcase you sleep on! Although you're asleep and most of the time have a clean face, your skincare products, oils from your hair, and other bacteria floating around that decide to land on your pillow all build up over time. You can even invest in a silk pillowcase so your skin is being treated extra gently while you snooze. Another tip is to tie your hair up in a loose scrunchie while you sleep, it keeps it off your face and is also good for your hair as the oils from your face won’t mix with those from your hair. Check out our Beachly Summer box for a super stylish scrunchie! 

Wear an SPF daily- even if it’s cloudy out! 

Lots of people overlook the importance of sunscreen, especially when it’s cloudy out or they’re not “planning” on being in the sun. I’m sure you’ve heard this one many times before as well, and that’s because it’s true! Keeping your skin protected from the harsh rays of the sun at all times - even if they appear more covered one day - will benefit your skin in more ways than one. A favorite sunscreen of mine is featured in our Summer Beachly Beauty box - Coola sunscreen lotion. This ones amazing because it glides onto your skin so smoothly and doesn’t leave a thick layer of grease - perfect for everyday wear!