All About Famous Surf | Beachly Men's

All About Famous Surf | Beachly Men's

Aloha Fellas! Shorter days, crips mornings and chilly ocean temperatures can only mean one thing — Winter is here! Some of us are dusting off our wetsuits while others are dusting off their guns (big wave boards in case you didn't know) and heading to the islands!

In this season's box, we've included a selection of items from our favorite brands which will keep you warm, yet stylish during your morning surf checks or walks on the beach. Most importantly, you're going to find a piece from our friends over at Famous Surf. 

We were lucky enough to chat with Nate Harris who gave us the low-down on Famous Surf's background. We wanted to give you the chance to get to better know this brand and why they made such a perfect fit for this winter's Beachly box. Let's dive right in.

Origins and Inspiration:

In the sun-soaked streets of San Diego, Famous Surf Supply was born out of a passion for creating the perfect surf wax. Established in 2002 by two friends attending San Diego State University, the brand was fueled by their connections within the surfing industry and relationships with some of Southern California's top surfers. The initial spark came from a desire to craft a superior surf wax, setting the stage for what would become a prominent player in the world of surf accessories.

Distinctive Style and Design:

Famous Surf Supply is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle. At the heart of its design philosophy is an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of style. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood fashion to the rugged charm of backwoods surfing, Famous integrates a unique flair into its products. The brand's distinctive style is a blend of influences from team riders and extensive research, resulting in fashion-forward surf accessories that stand out in the crowd. Quality is a consistent element in every product, emphasizing sustainability from a utility perspective.

Famous Surf Supply x Beachly Men's winter box

Connection to the Beach Culture:

Famous Surf Supply encapsulates the essence of beach culture, transcending geographical boundaries. With the beach culture expanding inland through the emergence of wave pools, Famous sees itself as an outlier, enabling anyone, anywhere, to identify as a surfer. The brand plays a crucial role in capturing the beach's essence, offering a slice of coastal life to those far from the shore. The beach and surf lifestyle serve as the driving force behind the brand's identity, with shared experiences from team riders influencing product development.

Product Development Process:

Innovation is embedded in Famous Surf Supply's DNA. Having pioneered eco-friendly surf wax nearly two decades ago, the brand continues to lead the way in product development. From concept to final design, Famous is dedicated to introducing new, sustainable ideas and products. As the world strives for a carbon-neutral future, the brand acknowledges the challenges of staying ahead of the curve while maintaining quality and sustainability.

Community Engagement:

Famous Surf Supply's commitment to community engagement is evident through its "local first" initiative. As a San Diego and Southern California brand, it actively builds relationships with local surf shops, sports teams, and celebrities, keeping the community vibrant and engaged. Initiatives and partnerships reflect the brand's dedication to supporting and enriching the broader surfing and beach community.

Quality and Sustainability:

Quality has been a cornerstone of Famous Surf Supply since its inception. The brand takes pride in crafting products with the highest quality, balancing design and sustainability. As the world shifts toward a more eco-conscious future, Famous remains committed to creating top-tier products that align with the values of its customer base.

Favorite Products and Recommendations:

The personal favorite of Famous Surf Supply? The surf wax - a necessity regardless of location. For those new to the brand, the recommendation is to start with the renowned surf wax but also explore the innovative traction styles. Famous is always eager for customer feedback on its new product lines.

Customer Connection:

Famous Surf Supply prides itself on being well-versed in all markets, appealing to surf enthusiasts from Texas to the coast. The brand's dedication to customer experience sets it apart, creating a connection that goes beyond mere transactions. The inclusivity and versatility of Famous ensure that surfers of all backgrounds feel a part of the community.

Future Vision:

The horizon looks promising for Famous Surf Supply, with upcoming collaborations in music and sports signaling a departure from traditional surf brand marketing. The brand envisions a larger demographic, seeking to expand its reach and solidify its position as a trendsetter in the world of surf accessories. As Famous Surf Supply continues to ride the waves of innovation, the future promises exciting projects and new heights for this dynamic brand.

There you have it! All you wanted to know and more about this member-favorite brand. We personally can't choose one singular favorite from their line, we encourage you to take a look and see what other pieces speak to you and grab your own this winter!

Until next time,