The Sunrise Seashell Robe | Winter Box Highlights

The Sunrise Seashell Robe | Winter Box Highlights

Aloha, sunshine lover! Rumor has it, this season the Beachly Tribe is raving about The Sunrise Seashell Robeā€”a luxurious piece by Salt Sisters Co.! It's a cozy robe that's perfect for embracing self-care nights at home or cozy movie nights. Let's take a moment to explore the perks of this robe and the best places to flaunt its beachy flair.

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Meet Salt Sisters Co., the go-to site for daily discoveries by and for sun seekers. Ever wanted to see the cutest beachy content, links to curated coastal products to purchase, and just a really fun all-over beach style page? Look no further than Salt Sisters for the BEST in beach content.

Excited to feature Salt Sisters Co. in our Winter Box, we're bringing you The Sunrise Seashell Robeā€”a slice of coastal elegance, embodying surf-inspired style, and a commitment to sustainability. Each piece reflects Salt Sisters Co.'s dedication to quality, artistry, and the coastal way of life. Get ready to infuse your self-care routine with the wave of coastal vibesā€”it's not just a brand; it's a lifestyle.

Now, let's dive into The Sunrise Seashell Robe...

This $99 retail value gem is perfect for those chilly winter mornings. Picture yourself pulling on this plush, soft fabric robe before grabbing your morning coffee or wearing it over your favorite swimsuit all season long. The embossed seashell on the back adds the right amount of beachy flair, making it a versatile piece for any occasion. Oh, and those large pockets and adjustable tie make it both stylish and functional.

Sunrise Seashell Robe

Whether you're enjoying a self-care night at home or having a cozy movie night, The Sunrise Seashell Robe by Salt Sisters Co. is your go-to companion, adding a touch of coastal charm to every moment. Embrace the rhythm of the coast with this winter essentialā€”comfort and style, perfectly blended.

TheĀ Salt Sisters Co. Winter FeatureĀ 

TheĀ Sunrise Seashell Robe | $99 retail value

Details -Ā This comfy robe can be pulled on before grabbing your morning coffee or worn over your favorite swimsuit all season long. This oh-so-cozy robe features a beautiful embossed seashell on the back giving it just the right amount of beachy flair. Hey, we don't judge if you just want to rock it all day!

  • Plush, soft fabric perfect for this chilly winter mornings
  • Large pockets + adjustable tie
  • Embossed shell on the back
  • Bright, vibrant coral color for a pop of summer into your winter routine

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