Meet Maaji | Beachly Behind the Brand

Meet Maaji | Beachly Behind the Brand

Here at Beachly, we're all about the gals and love to celebrate and spotlight female-founded brands. Which is why we are so excited to take you behind the brand with Maaji! Not only is Maaji female founded, but it's owned by sisters Amalia and Manuela. If you've been a part of the Good Vibe Tribe for a while, then you're already familiar with the Maaji brand from two Winters ago! This Summer, they're back with a fun and flirty feature. Ready to learn more about Maaji, this dynamic sister-duo, and their Summer box feature? Let's dive in! 

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Behind the Brand with Maaji

Colombian-based swim brand, Maaji, is known for their fun mix of prints and bright colors. The Maaji swim line is extensive in styling and sizing (they feature sizes XS-2XL!) which we love. They also offer the best in coverups, activewear, and accessories for the sun-kissed beach lover. 

Did you know? 

Sustainability is a big part of Maaji. They have always believed it is their responsibility to be a steward to the planet and have taken on cultivating a sustainable spirit into the company. In the early days of Maaji, they began by planting trees, promoting zero waste with their swimwear, and participating in beach clean-ups. As the brand has matured, they've grown to learn that they can do even more. 

In 2020, Maaji made the decision to invest into their sustainability and become B Corp certified. To help drive sustainable efforts in-house, Maaji has taken on quantifying their annual carbon footprint, measuring and managing impacts in their supply chain, and optimizing their waste management program. 

Meet the Maaji Founders, Amalia and Manuela 

Sisters Amalia and Manuela are an inspiring, unique, and powerful duo that have brought Colombia's Maajic to the world. They created Maaji in 2003 and are still working together today. With aspirations to be the biggest summer lifestyle brand in the world, Maaji has a mission to continually transform and grow every step of the way. With sustainability, swim, and summertime at the heart of their brand, the babes behind Maaji are a force to be reckoned with. 

Maaji Founders

A little bit about Amalia, the Maaji Sales and Marketing Director

Amalia spends most of her time working with wholesale customers, Sales Teams, and Marketing to bring the Maaji Maajic to life. She is passionate about the creative process, telling the Maaji story, and providing the Maaji girl with a little extra surprise and boost of confidence with every purchase made. 

A little bit about Manuela, the Maaji Creative Director 

Manuela leads the creative processes and design teams behind all Maaji pieces. From concept to completion, Manuela is a part of the initial ideas for products to adding the final touches for designs that are sent off to the Maaji seamstresses. 

All about Maaji Maajic

As a Colombian brand, Maaji is inspired by the cultural styles and trends, with the beauty of the Colombian spirit at their core. From bright colors and vibrance of the beautiful Colombian landscapes, to every day people - many Maaji collections are inspired by the natural beauty of founders, Amalia and Manuela's, native homeland. 

Another inspiration of Maaji is diversity - diversity found in the people of Colombia. From different fashion styles to hair colors, skin tones, and body types. Maaji is inspired by the diversity in Colombian people not only for designing but also for the ethos of the brand as a reminder that everyone is unique, and they are loved for that. 

Meet Maaji | Beachly Behind the Brand

Fun Fact

Curious about what the Summer '22 swim season trends are looking like? According to Amalia and Manuel, retro is everything right now! We're talking the 70s, 80s, and 90s. From color blocking to mixing and matching, neon, and pastel colors for days. With fun prints and high-cut bikini bottoms, Maaji is the place to find your perfect swim piece for every body type. 

The Maaji Summer Feature

The Waimea Hair Tie / Scarf | $20 retail value

Maaji Beachly Summer Feature

Details - Secure your salty strands with this perfectly tropical-printed hair tie. And there's an added bonus - you can untie the longer piece for endless styling options. This 2-in-1 can be tied as a scarf, scrunchie, bracelet, headband, or even as a knotted accessory to your favorite handbag. The options with this fun, vibrant beauty are endless! 

Maaji Beachly Summer Feature

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Maaji x Beachly Giveaway

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