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Sun Bum's Sun Protection Guide

Alohaaa, Beachly Tribe! Being a part of Beachly, I am sure you enjoy your fair amount of time under the sun and soaking up all the Summertime rays that you can. Trust me, I can relate! However, all this sun exposure needs to be done safely and paired with the right protection. This is where our friends over at Sun Bum come into play! If you didn't already know, Sun Bum is part of our Summer Beachly Beauty box and giving all the SPF protection you'll be needing this summer. Are you ready to learn all about the brand and how to stay protected from the Summertime sunshine? Let's dive right in! 

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Behind the Brand with Sun Bum

If you've been a part of Beachly for a while, or even just love the beach life, I'm sure you know all about Sun Bum! They were featured in our Women's Summer 2021 box and we are so excited to bring them over to the Beachly Beauty tribe this year! Sun Bum is all about providing sun protection and emphasizing the importance of keeping your skin protected during those sunshine-y days. As they say, they don't care if you use their product - just wear sunscreen.

(I must admit, Sun Bum is a definite staple in my sunshine routine!)

Sun Bum Company

Sun Bum was founded in 2010 in the hopes of protecting their friends and family from the sun. They have only grown more and more since their launch and have truly cultivated a clan of sunshine loving, sunscreen wearing, beach-goers. They appreciate a work life balance and are often caught taking surf breaks, bring dogs and kids to work, and prioritize living their life while also offering protection. 

Did you know?  

Sun Bum also founded a non-profit organization to provide sun safety for generation to come under the name Protecting the Groms! This non-profit focuses on partnering with public and charter elementary schools around the country to provide playground shade structures, sun safety education, and sunscreen to kiddos who live to play in the sun!Protect the Grom's Non-Profit

Sun Bum's Sun Protection Guide

Did you know? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. Sun Bum is all about changing that statistic and helping protect anyone the can from the sun's harmful rays. Hence, they've created a comprehensive sun care guide that will protect you and those you love from the sun!

The Basics

1. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. This is something people easily overlook. However, after a long day of swimming, sweating, and toweling off, that initial layer of protection quickly fades leaving you exposed to the sun. 

2. Don't underestimate the cloudy days! 90% of UV rays find their way through cloud coverage which many people may not know. You may think you are safe from sun exposure, but even on the cloudiest of days you should applying and reapplying. 

3. Limit sun exposure during peak hours. We know, this is hard especially during the Summer, but, whenever possible try to limit your sun exposure between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm when the sun's rays are most intense. 

4. Reflections intensifies sun exposure. It may be easy to forget when you're splashing in the water or hitting the slopes during the Winter, but water and snow reflect and increase sun exposure up to 50% and makes reapplying even more important when partaking in these activities. 

Sun Bum's SPF Guide

SPF stands for "Sun Protection Factor" and is shown on sunscreen bottles to show the level of protection you are getting from the sun's UVB rays - the one's most commonly tied to sunburns and skin cancer. Check out this handy graph below to see how they compare!

SPF Spectrum Protection

Mineral & Non-Mineral Sunscreen

Now that we covered the SPF basics, let's talk sunscreen. You may often see Mineral Sunscreen and Non-Mineral Sunscreen - what is the difference? Let me break it down for you with his handy graphic from our Sun Bum friends! 

Minereal vs. Non-Mineral Sunscreen

The Sun Bum Summer Beauty Feature

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Details - The best things in life come in threes, am I right!? Stay hydrated all season long with three signature scents of coconut, banana, and watermelon. The best part? Each balm is infused with 30 SPF sunscreen! Say goodbye to dehydrated, sunburnt lips and say hello to more time under the sun. Apply liberally throughout your sun-soaked days to keep your lips safe and soft.

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Loving all things Sun Bum? They make it easy to enjoy long Summer days under the sun and really want to do all they can to protect you and the ones you love as much as possibel. We're huge fans ourselves here at the Beachly HQ!

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