Spring Box Add-Ons Shopping Guide | Beachly Style

Spring Box Add-Ons Shopping Guide | Beachly Style

The days are getting longer and the sun sure has been shining bright here at the Beachly HQ. We've been counting down the days to ease out of Winter and warm up for the Spring! And speaking of Spring... it's right around the corner which means boxes start shipping soon. Before we start packing up all of the new goodies coming your way, you get exclusive Members-Only access to shop the Spring Add-Ons Sale! 

Are you ready to have some fun in the sun the Beachly way this Spring? I put together this fun little shopping guide just for you. Let's dive in! You can access Spring Add-Ons here.

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Brooke's Shopping Guide for Spring Add-Ons

This season, we're bringing you a variety of fun, limited edition Add-Ons to make your Spring box even bigger, better, and exclusively YOU! You can add as many items as you'd like, we'll pack 'em up with your Spring box, and it will all ship together straight to your front door. Ready for a sneak peek at Spring Box Add-Ons? Here's a few of my favorites...

Spring Box Add-Ons

For the Beach Babe

One of my favorite things about Spring is the bright and vibrant colors that come along with the season. The weather starts to warm up, the sun shines brighter, and the days feel longer. It's the perfect time to put those Winter cozy items and bring out the beach-inspired style. We have sooo many fun, beachy items for you to choose from. All of these finds will compliment the Spring box - trust me, I've had a sneak peek or two! 

Spring Box Add-Ons

For the Beauty Lover 

Let me tell you - lately, I've been all about the beauty. It could be that extra hydration my skin has been needing all Winter or my excitement for fresh, beach beauty in the Spring. Which is why we stocked up on clean, beachy beauty in the Spring Add-Ons Sale. We have everything from fragrance to scrubs, hydration, and even a collagen-infused granola. Yum! 

Spring Box Add-Ons

We have sooo many amazing, fun Spring finds to shop in the Add-Ons Sale. From beauty to style, accessories, home goods, and more. I have a feeling you're going to find just what you're looking for to make your Spring box even more special and exclusively YOU! 

Ready to shop Spring Box Add-Ons? All you have to do is click here, login to your Beachly Member Account, scroll down and click on Add-Ons, and select as many as you'd like! We'll reserve your add-ons for you, add them to your Spring box, and get it all shipped out to you in no time. It's time to treat yourself this Spring, sunshine!